Store of the Future

Store of the Future

Enterprises aim to deliver a better customer experience, maximizing value and
building satisfaction by making every point of interaction Extremely Personal
and Extremely Digital. Atos working together with innovation partners has
established a fresh and ready to implement future Store concept consisting of
Digital Building Blocks that together shape the Next Generation Store.


Building blocks

Different technology components are “mixed & matched” to offer flexible solutions. Using the building blocks approach Enterprises can fine-tune Store configuration to fit precise local needs. In essence our design criteria for the building blocks are
based on our Atos credo “pay attention, give attention and make it personal”. Example given: “Pay attention” means that you get an alert, you know that your customer is in the shop and his/her profile is immediately available to you. “Give attention” means that you take the alert, put it into action by approaching the client and interact either digitally or personally. “Make it personal” means that you know who the client is and what the client wants. All of it means: deploying Information Data Analytics (IDA).


The ABC approach

Atos’ Agile Store Concept focuses on three stages:

A. Redesign the Storenetwork.
Use machine learning and
Big Data analysis to ensure you have the right number of Stores, in the right places using the best possible formats. We analyze trends, monitor competitor activity and always see this as a process, not a one-off activity.

B. Redesign the Stores.
Decide which format is best for each Store, with the right zonal layout and technology and a strategy that fits customer behaviors. The building block approach ensures that formats can be updated and services accessed from the right zones.

C. Digitize the services.
It’s the key to agility, delivering services with exceptional flexibility and even on a SaaS basis. We always see services from the customer viewpoint, determining the right blend between physical and virtual, with a deep analysis of customer needs and behaviors informing everything we do.


Simple, agile, innovative

Atos combines its own expertise, partner technologies and clear analysis of customers, competitors and behavioral trends to deliver a new kind of Store concept that evolves with the market and meets Enterprise’s demand for maximum customer intimacy and maximum digitization.


Innovative Building Blocks for theStore of the Future

From Concept to Implementation


From concept to implementation


Building blocks from
Atos partner network as
well as Atos internal.

  • Digital Signage Hardware
  • Touch Technology
  • Personal Finance
  • Content Distribution
  • Facial Recognition
  • Trusted Authentication
  • Digital Contract Signing
  • Omni-channel Video
  • Telepresence Robotics
  • Custom Furniture
  • Customer Intelligence
  • iBeacons and Wifi
  • Smart Mobility App
  • Customer Feedback
  • Traffic Analysis
  • And many others…


From concept to

  • Picking the right building
    blocks, match with your
  • Inspiration Sessions
  • Experience lab
  • Co-development
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Pilot testing
  • Business Case
  • Process Management
  • People Management
  • Customer Data Protection
    and Security
  • Back-end integrations
  • Uniform front end design
  • Maintenance Support


End-to-end service all
the way to maintenance
on a global level

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • KPI measurement
  • Continuous Innovation
  • DevOps



Atos Building Blocks of the Future Concept Store



Atos Building Blocks of the Future Concept Store



4 personas, 4 journeys


4 personas, 4 journeys. Liza, student


Liza - Student


  • Student about to go on holiday
  • New retail customer
  • Is walking at the airport, about to catch a
    plane, but needs travel insurance


4 personas, 4 journeys. Tony, executive


Tony - Executive


  • Just made partner at his law firm
  • Existing private banking customer
  • Wants personal advice on how to manage
    his investments


4 personas, 4 journeys. Rene, Entrepreneur


Rene - Entrepreneur


  • Entrepreneur with a flourishing business
  • Existing midcorp customer
  • Needs advice on international expansion
  • Needs to drop cash regularly


4 personas, 4 journeys. Jane, Financial Services employee


Jane - Financial Services employee


  • Jane is a banking specialist
  • Responsible for customer experience
  • Advises customers in other Stores through
    video conferencing



Liza’s Customer Journey

as a student

Liza’s Customer Journey

  1. Walks to an interactive screen at the airport and sees that she can order insurance in the Store
    close by. She makes an appointment on screen and heads off to the Store.
  2. She checks in to see that her waiting time is 5 minutes.
  3. She uses the QR code to get fast WiFi access and checks Facebook to kill time.
  4. At the Store no people are available physically but an adviser visits her with the
    teleconferencing Awabot.
  5. After a short conversation Liza can sign her new contract on the spot (digital signature).

She walks out leaving a positive review on the screen near the exit. Off to her holiday!


Tony’s customer journey

as an executive

Tony’s customer journey

  1. A business meeting was canceled so Tony can plan a meeting in with his smartphone.
  2. Once arrived his app detects the iBeacons in the Store and his private banker is notified to
    pick Tony up.
  3. Together they go through Tony’s personal finances on a large touchtable, laying out a detailed
    analysis of his personal finances.
  4. This gives him something to think about. All the analysis is made available on his home
    banking site.
  5. He leaves the Store and posts a positive review at the exit.


Rene’s customer journey

as an entrepreneur


Rene’s customer journey

During office hours Rene is too bound to his business. He goes to the Store after hours.

  1. With trusted authentication he opens the door to a personal banking space where he drops his cash money.
  2. He is ‘on shift’ to take care of his children who are happy to find a screen with games in the room.
  3. In the meantime he combines the bank visit with a teleconference session with his banker.
  4. Rene is tagged as a potential private banking customer (Customer information provided
    for ‘next best offer’) When asked, Rene confirms that he is thinking about that and can
    immediately plan a meeting with a personal advisor.
  5. Rene and his kids leave the room and give their positive review at the exit.


Jane’s employee journey

as specialist in Insurance


Jane’s employee journey

Jane is an employee in a call center specialized in insurance.

  1. Appointment management with customers.
  2. Operating telepresence robot for external advise meetings.
  3. Operates omni-channel teleconference meetings.
  4. Manages customer feedback from exit surveys.
  5. Studies facial recognition traffic analysis. Optimizing advertising in the Store.
  6. Studies WiFi Scanning traffic analysis. Getting insight from customer data.


Jerry Norman
Head of Business Development FS BeNeLux & Nordics


Store of the Future

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