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Atos introduces DevOps on Dutch TV

On Monday June 27 we had the pleasure of being actors in a TV special of the Dutch program on RTL7 'Ondernemend Nederland' (English: Dutch Entrepreneurship). This program tells us about the developments and innovations in different business domains in the Netherlands. We were invited to tell something about our vision and thoughts regarding DevOps, especially how it benefits and impacts organizations. Below you can watch the broadcast of 'Ondernemend Nederland' at RTL7.





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DevOps awareness session

Curious what DevOps means for your organization? Do you want to know how and where to start?

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In one and a half hour you will understand the concepts of DevOps and how it will change your current way of working, and you will learn how and where to start your DevOps journey. In this session we will:


  • Introduce you to DevOps according to the House of DevOps;
  • Show the benefits and impact of DevOps on your organization, and;
  • We will present our implementation framework in order to kick-start DevOps at your organization.  


DevOps advanced session 

Ready for the next step towards DevOps? Or facing implementation challenges?

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In one and a half hour you understand the challenges in implementing DevOps and you will learn how to apply knowledge and practices needed to solve these challenges. In this session we will:


  • Highlight your current challenges during the implementation of DevOps;
  • Guide you through the journey with proven DevOps concepts, and;
  • We will present our implementation framework in order to help you move forward.  


*Since every organization has its own DevOps journey, we conduct an interview with a business stakeholder, development manager and/or operations manager prior to the session in order to make the presentation specific for your organization.


Our vision

While the rise of the term DevOps dates back to 2009, the evolution of the elements that facilitate its use are still evolving. Many different definitions and meanings can be found on the internet, and there is no uniform way of defining DevOps. However, Atos is on top of the game in the "DevOps market" thanks to wide-ranging experience and extensive knowledge, and we believe that in the near future, DevOps will be profound in every organization involved in software delivery and operations. 


“DevOps will be the new way of working
that is a must for every application delivering
enterprise to be able to deal with the dynamic
and turbulent nature of the market environment.”



That’s why our mission is to empower our customers to develop and launch high-quality and innovative applications, infrastructures and features better and faster to increase their customer’s value experience. I.e. we empower our customers to move towards DevOps. This is what we think DevOps is: 


  • It’s a way of working.
  • It’s a competence to seize market opportunities and is aimed to deliver a better customer experience.
  • It’s the next productivity frontier, resulting in a fast flow of planned work while increasing stability and quality of the production environment and reducing cost at the same time.
  • It covers the entire application lifecycle end-to-end (Cust-Biz-Dev-Ops). We believe that DevOps involves not only Software Development and Operations (the actual value stream), but also the business (where requirements are defined) and the customer (where value is delivered).
  • It holds the golden rule: “You build it, you fix it!” DevOps teams are responsible for the development ánd maintenance of an IT product in the IT landscape. By making the team responsible for not only the development but also the maintenance of the solution, they have a strong incentive to deliver high valued software in terms of quality and besides are equipped with the knowledge to effectively solve the problem. This ensures both the agility of a project and stability of the system.
  • Along with all definitions and to achieve the full benefits, we defined four cornerstones which form the foundation of DevOps: Make Agile, Collaboration, Automate, Simplify & Standardize


How to implement DevOps?

Implementing DevOps is often seen as disruptive and challenging. And occasionally it is. Looking at the size and complexity, organizations often think of well-managed and controlled plans to implement DevOps. This, however, makes the journey even more complex and challenging since such an approach is only applicable when the destination is predictable.


But the approach should be much easier than that. We use a pragmatic, cyclic approach for implementing DevOps, covering our implementation framework and the House of DevOps. This approach puts emphasis on learning and flexibility, making the implementation controllable and adaptable at the same time. Want to learn more about our implementation approach: contact us via

What we offer

DevOps will be profound in every organization involved in software delivery and operations that has to deal with increasing rate of change and quality standards. That’s why our DevOps mission is to empower our customers to develop and launch high-quality and innovative applications, infrastructures and features better and faster to increase their customer’s value experience. I.e. we empower our customers to become DevOps. We believe in it, and we are practicing what we preach as well. Our guiding question is “How can we help our clients gaining the full benefits of DevOps?” 

This is what we offer:

  • Transforming the organization. Note that the biggest challenge in the DevOps transformation is in the organizational change. We help our customers to successfully transforming their organization with best practices and transformational services.
  • Enabling DevOps with teams and technologies. The goal is to upgrade the DevOps environment with tools, technologies and team structures that are suitable for it, and to apply the knowledge to work effectively with them. DevOps team structures apply goal oriented cooperation with empowered, self-organizing teams, where performance is improved due to cross-functional problem solving, improved communications and a stronger identification with and commitment to a project. 
  • Delivering with DevOps. Delivering IT services is facing competitive challenges. We said that we practice what we preach. This means that we do not only help our customers in the DevOps journey, but also delivering services according to DevOps and Agile principles, together with the customer.


Why Atos?

DevOps is an area of strategic focus for Atos. As an IT service provider and system integrator we know that we need to change, not only for ourselves to be more competitive, but also to help our customers to stay on top of their market. 


One-stop-shop. Atos is the all-in-one partner for the DevOps journey with its worldwide consultancy and delivery skills. We understand the newest technologies (business configurations, applications, platforms and (cloud) infrastructure) to enable DevOps, and we have the right skills available to make DevOps work, literally and metaphorically. 


 "We make DevOps easer by falling back
on extensive knowledge and experience in
transformation IT, and by offering the
capabilities and competences to make it work."



We know both sides of the DevOps fence. Atos is a full service provider with capabilities on both the Dev and Ops fence, strengthening our skills, experience and practices within the DevOps domain.


Proven DevOps practices. Atos has a well-defined and integrated vision on DevOps and its implementation based on proven practices together with customers. Our track record shows that with implementing DevOps, customer satisfaction increases significantly, lead times brought from weeks to days, even to hours and significantly less bugs and errors during the application lifecycle. 


Customer intimacy. DevOps aims to improve customer satisfaction. This can only be achieved with intense collaboration with the customer. We do the same, and as Business Technologists, we know how this works. Everything we do – advising, designing, implementing, integrating, coordinating and managing, we do with a unique talent for technology and a deep understanding of our clients business needs.


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Sunday, July 24 at 09.55h 

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