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Safeguard your assets from cyber attacks

The media market has never been as exciting or full of opportunities. Media organizations are dealing with major social and business changes. Consumers are more demanding and their behavior changes. Not only products and services must meet high expectations, it is also important how, where and when it is consumed and how the interaction between consumers and products or services develops. Digital influences everything. 


The media supply chain depends more and more on secure and resilient IT infrastructure and internet communications. A rising usage of social media is also becoming part of the media value chain and there is an increasing uptake in mobile technologies, with media contents that are distributed anywhere and anytime. Your organization’s and customer’s information and content are your strategic assets that need to be protected.


Cyber security

Cyber security is increasing in importance and relevance as cyber threats proliferate and become more omnipresent, more rapidly evolving, and capable of being unleashed anywhere to affect and impact media organizations.


Together with digital security, the protection against cyber-threats, privacy and personal data protection have to be intrinsic parts of every  organization.  


For media organizations, securing corporate assets is no longer a topic relegated to IT departments as the business impact could be huge in terms of:

·          direct and indirect costs

·          missed revenues

·          brand reputation

·          lawsuits for damages

·          penalties for data protection and privacy violation


Our approach

Atos provides Cyber security advice, design, build & operate services to its clients. Cyber Protection is the minimum solutions & processes that you need to implement in order to protect your infrastructure & detect intrusion attempts.



·          Security governance to balance business efficiency, protection and compliance

·          Situational awareness to get ready for active defense

·          Secure communications to protect your organization’s and customer data

·          Digital identity & access control to identify and protect your users


Atos cyber security footprint in media

Other media organizations like the BBC and also the Olympic Games are already seeing significant benefits from our Cyber Security approach. Visit also our global cyber security pages for more information about our portfolio or to see how you can achieve similar results.









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