Atos Managed Microsoft Cloud


Cloud Service Integration, Management & Brokerage

The best of both worlds: Microsoft Public Cloud Services as part of Atos ‘end-to-end’

Cloud as a key to achieve business success

Cloud Computing is a key enabler in creating your strategy for core business processes. It accelerates your time-to-market, it guarantees your business continuity and provides a flexible payment model to align your cost with actual demand.

The Synergy of Microsoft Cloud Services and Atos Cloud Services
Recently Atos achieved the Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider status.
This means we can offer you the benefits of Atos Managed Microsoft Cloud. These are Microsoft Public Cloud Services as an integrated part of the Atos Cloud portfolio. It combines the Atos value add services with a direct delivery of Microsoft Cloud Services (subscriptions) in a one stop shop. You will benefit from a flexible payment model which is based on actual consumption and competitive pricing compared to Public, Enterprise or Select Agreement rates without any commitment upfront.

Supporting your complete Cloud Lifecycle; private, public and hybrid
With Atos Managed Microsoft Cloud we support your complete ‘end-to-end’ Cloud lifecycle, the basis for your future business success. This includes direct provisioning and support of Microsoft Cloud Services aligned with actual consumption of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365. In addition, Atos value added services are available to enable, integrate, secure and optimize public cloud usage and to leverage hybrid scenarios in combination with private cloud options. Processes related to contracting, ordering, billing and reporting are an integrated part of the Atos ‘end-2-end’ Services, which results in a decrease of administrative burden. Cloud support is optimized as Atos is a single point of contact in this process.


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For more information please contact:


Huub Tibben
Offering Manager Managed Cloud Services
+31 6 53766058

Benjamin Tissink
Cloud Architect
+31 6 22176796

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