Dramatically simplify the recording of incidents

Involve every employee in the safety culture of your company                      Leading companies want to track all incidents, including all types and severity levels. They use this data to detect failures in their safety systems and take appropriate corrective and preventive actions. The biggest challenge with this objective is getting people to actually record all incidents. Employees find the procedure to record incidents complex because they need to enter unknown or irrelevant fields. They find the procedure time consuming and therefore choose to minimize the incidents’ importance and never record it. They have no idea what happens with their recorded incidents once submitted and never see the incident statistics. Employees often don’t realize how important they are to keep the company a safe place.This is where Atos can help you. With its “iEHS Incidents” app integrated with SAP EHSM Incident Management it offers the first comprehensive solution to this challenge.

iEHS app
By bringing incident management to the employees’ mobile device in an intuitive interface, you can take away the aforementioned barriers. The app will enable you to record all incidents and involve employees.
Incident recordings will go from the mobile devices -anytime, anywhere- right into your EHSM Incident management solution.

Atos’ mobile incident app offers fast and easy incident recording via three distinct screens, one for incidents, one for near misses and one for safety observations. The screens have an intuitive design and make use of the device’s functionality -GPS, camera, contacts, notifications, and augmented reality- to prepopulate important data for the user. With a minimum amount of information, employees can quickly record any incident; these incidents are synchronized with the EHSM Incident Management solution where they will be picked up by an incident manager for further processing. The dashboard screen notifies employees of the most important incident statistics at their site with the option to drill down into these statistics. A bulletin board allows you to push safety notifications and instructions.

iEHS Incidents has embedded integration with SAP’s EHSM Incident Management solution. This solution will serve as the backbone application from where root-cause investigations, CAPA, analytics and much more is managed. Root cause analysis is essential. If you respond to injuries, damaged equipment, and environmental releases only by repairing the damage (or providing compensation if it is irreparable), you miss the opportunity to learn from these incidents and take action to preclude similar future incidents.



The Key Features
The solution runs on SAP Mobile Platform (previously Sybase Unwired Platform) and has built in integration with SAP EHSM Component Extension 2.0 or higher.


  • Incident, near miss and safety observation recording
  • Incident KPI dashboard
  • Worker Safety Bulletin Board
  • Add involved party from device address book
  • Search and add involved party from SAP
  • ERP employee records or business partners (externals)
  • Add involved party as free text
  • Take pictures and add as attachment

SAP’s environment, health, and safety (EHS) management software supports the management of safety, industrial hygiene, and occupational health processes.
Go beyond compliance with cost effective solutions to systematically reduce risks and improve workerand process safety.Avoid costly incidents, accidents, and production interruptions with proactive incident management.

Atos and SAP Sustainability
Atos and SAP have strategic partnership to help customers achieve leadership in sustainability and profitable growth. SAP recognizes the importance of working with partners like Atos who deliver rapid time to value solutions that help customers achieve their strategic sustainability objectives. Atos’ winning of the 2012 and 2013 SAP Pinnacle Award for Sustainability proves this. With this award, SAP acknowledges Atos as the “Best of the Best“ SAP Sustainability Partner for two years in a row.





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