SAP Sustainability

Atos Sustainability Solutions

Mitigate risk to people, processes, and products, while ensuring compliance with national and international regulations


Today manufacturing companies understand that sustainability has a direct impact on the whole business and helps to ensure better profitability, faster growth and assured business continuity – now and into the future. Enterprise Sustainability focuses on delivering essential business benefits, which include:


  • Making more efficient use of key resources such as energy, water and raw materials, enabling manufacturers to cut running costs, freeing-up capital for investment, while also improving margins
  • Improving operational effectiveness through greater transparency and access to accurate, integrated performance data in a timely fashion
  • Better management of risk in all its forms, leading to improved management of complex value chains and assured compliance in different jurisdictions
  • Better safety management, reducing the possibility of accidents, ensuring product integrity and safeguarding brand reputation.

For all these reasons, Atos sees Enterprise Sustainability as an integrated driver for competitive advantage and higher shareholder value: an integral part of business as usual, from ‘top floor’ to ‘shop floor’.


SAP Solutions Portfolio

Our complete Sustainability portfolio is designed in a holistic way. Although SAP products are at the core of our portfolio, we need also to appreciate that our clients need other elements to complete their vision - Green IT, Ambition Zero Carbon, Intelligent Sustainability, Sustainable Operational Excellence all pay a part in our end-to-end proposition for sustainability and compliance.


Atos has a particularly strong reputation for the design, implementation and support of Environment, Health & Safety Management solutions with a long track record of successful implementations. It has a worldwide team of experts delivering a portfolio of solutions consisting of niche-expertise and guidance, full transformational implementations as well as pre-configured fixed price solutions.



Atos and SAP Sustainability

Atos and SAP have strategic partnership to help customers achieve leadership in sustainability and profitable growth. SAP recognizes the importance of working with partners like Atos who deliver rapid time to value solutions that help customers achieve their strategic sustainability objectives. Atos’ winning of the 2012 and 2013

SAP Pinnacle Award for Sustainability proves this. With this award, SAP acknowledges Atos as the “Best of the Best“ SAP Sustainability Partner for two years in a row now.



Marketing NL

A Sustainable Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Discover how Atos is enabling sustainable growth and helping to make the difference for businesses and the environment.

Download our Sustainability Brochure >>

Atos can help clients transform to a sustainable organization by addressing all key levels:

  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Infrastructure

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